Care Coordination (For COVID-19)

With our CARE COORDINATION service, ADEC Innovations Healthcare establishes an intermediary contact between physicians and relatives. Loved ones can rest easy, knowing that they can count on our daily updates regarding a patient’s status. Updates are regularly checked and delivered by a highly-qualified team of nurses.

What Our Team of Nurses Does

In times of uncertainties brought by nationwide (or even worldwide) health emergencies, you can count on our team of registered nurses to help in providing daily updates on a patient’s status and delivering concise medical information to their loved ones. Our nurses maintain an open line for communication with your physicians to ensure the accuracy of the information that they will deliver on a daily basis.

What Makes Our Solutions Ideal

  • Only qualified nurses are selected for the process
  • Strict guidelines are implemented to maintain privacy and data integrity
  • Decongest administrative duties to free up more personnel and accommodate more patients
  • Empowers hospitals to focus on patients in need of critical care
  • Scalable, customizable, and replicable

Relief that loved ones can count on
in times of uncertainty.

Contact us to find out how we can integrate our Care Coordination solutions to your specific needs.