Top Myths about Sustainability

Sustainability" is one of the most popular business buzzwords. Celebrities endorse "sustainable products." Companies incorporate "sustainable business practices" in their operations. Governments enact laws promoting "sustainability." Despite its popularity, “sustainability” remains a vague concept for many people Read More

Webinar: Understanding CDP's 2016 Methodology

CDP's 2016 scoring methodology has been released, and there are changes for this year! As CDP's Global Scoring Partner, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) has scored 15,600+ responses since 2011 and is an expert in the methodology*.

  • The new single-letter scoring standard
  • Changes in Scope 2 accounting and dual reporting
  • Expanded criteria for target setting
  • New questions on renewable energy
  • Changes in risk and opportunities

To view a recording of our ‘Understanding CDP’s 2016 Methodology’ webinar, please click here


Tetra Pak Launches Carton Bottle with Bio-Based Plastic

A new version of Tetra Pak’s sustainable packaging — a carton bottle made up of more than 80% renewable materials — has launched in the US market with JUST water. Read More

Singapore, Middle East Could Work to Develop Water Management Technology

Singapore companies may soon work with those in the Middle East to develop water management technology. Read More

Seven Simple Ways to Start Saving Water

After Earth Day 2016, many organizations plan to promote sustainable practices. Wondering where to start? Consider how much water your operations might be wasting through easy-to-fix leaks and inefficient… Read More

The 5 Biggest Shifts since the Paris Climate Talks

Gauging the trickle-down effects of high-level international policy is never easy. That's especially true with a hulking global issue such as climate change, which consistently has been pushed down the… Read More

While Beijing's Air Quality Improves, Smog Makes Journey to the West, Greenpeace Finds

China’s pollution is going west. For years, Beijing residents and others living in the country’s polluted northeast have borne the brunt of China’s notorious air pollution problems. But as the government… Read More

Switch to Low-Carbon Transport Could 'Save UK Billions'

A switch to low-carbon transport such as electric cars would save countries including the UK billions of pounds a year, a report has suggested. Read More

Busting the Myths of Urbanization and Sustainability in Asia-Pacific

ities in the Asia-Pacific region need sustainable and integrated urban solutions to cope with a sharp rise in urbanization, development specialists say. An additional 1.4B people will be living in Asia's… Read More

MAY 2016




Watch the webinar. Hosted by CDP, this webinar provides an overview of how companies can employ an outsourcing partner to undertake the challenge of collecting data from their global operations.

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