Tetra Pak Launches Carton Bottle with Bio-Based Plastic

From Environmental Leader , Published on 25 April 2016

A new version of Tetra Pak's sustainable packaging — a carton bottle made up of more than 80% renewable materials — has launched in the US market with JUST water.

The Tetra Top package now comes with a cap and top made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from sugarcane. Combined with the FSC-certified paperboard used in the main sleeve of the carton, this pushes its renewable content up from 53% to 82%. Tetra Pak says the added plant-based materials do not impact the packaging’s recyclability.

The new carton bottle launches as food and beverage companies are increasingly turning to sustainable packaging, which remains a long-term overall trend in the foodservice packaging industry, according to the Foodservice Packaging Institute’s most recent trends report.

JUST says an independent life cycle analysis found the new water bottle saves from 47% to 74% in carbon emissions compared to traditional light- and heavy-weight PET bottles, respectively.

Earlier this year Tetra Pak produced the first 100% renewable Gable Top package in the US: cartons developed from a combination of paperboard and sugar cane derived plastics.

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