ADEC Health Information Management: Business Intelligence

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ADEC Health Information Management: Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is most useful when it is accessible—even to information technology laymen in your organization. Data is the lifeblood of your company—whether as a healthcare provider, an insurance payer or a pharmaceutical company-- and the insights you extract with our business intelligence solutions help improve your organization across all functions, on all levels. By offering you relevant information that can easily be understood through interactive dashboards, charts and reports, you are able to identify dependencies and discover insights that will improve your internal processes.

ADEC Innovations Healthcare has the expertise to architect and customize intricate data warehouse projects. We streamline our data warehousing implementations, allowing us to focus on your unique data requirements. Our experienced team knows exactly how to identify, prevent and remedy any number of data warehousing problems, thus providing you the support you need to access the right information through growing demands and shifting requirements.

Your success depends on having the right data at the right time so you can stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date insights on trends, customers and opportunities. In turn, these lead to increased profitability, mitigated risks and better regulatory compliance. But insights are only meaningful in the hands of experienced leadership. With our industry experience and technology expertise, our business intelligence solutions are designed to help you ensure that every step in the implementation of your programs will be a success.



Data Management 

  • Create a Data Warehouse
  • Support for multiple data sources
  • Support for multiple data formats


Business Intelligence

  • Dashboards - preconfigured or customized
  • Advanced Scorecards (with weighted KPIs), Drill Downs, User-based Access
  • Real-time Alerts & Motivations


Advanced Analytics

  • Correlation Analysis
  • Risk Clutters and Segmentation
  • Inbuilt Predictive Algorithms


Decision Support

  • What if Scenarios and Simulation Models
  • ROI Models

Next Gen

Cloud and Mobility

  • Access via web and mobile
  • Cloud-based Analytics-as-a-service with subscription fee payment model