ADEC USA Healthcare Attending HIMSS24

ADEC USA Healthcare Attending HIMSS24
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New York, 12 February 2024 – ADEC Healthcare will be on hand at the HIMSS Global Health Conference – taking place in Orlando, Florida, from March 11th-15th – to discuss our solutions and services for healthcare providers, including two new technology solutions powered by DataAssured.

HIMMS Global Health Conference brings together over 35000 professionals from across the global health landscape and features an exhibition of 1100+ healthcare tech companies showcasing the future of healthcare tech, and educational programming featuring keynote speakers, education roundtables, international summits, forums, specialty education and more. 

ADEC Healthcare will be attending the conference as part of the Healthcare Information Management Association (HIMAP) of the Philippines, and is looking forward to discussing our Clinical and Revenue Cycle Outsourcing solution, in addition to two new technology solutions launching this year:


ADEC Healthcare’s DataAssured: Productivity Utilization Tool (PUT)

With the soaring costs of clinical resources, tracking, measuring and monitoring the performance of clinical teams is paramount.

PUT is a user-friendly, web-based application designed to optimize resource allocation and organizational efficiency, offering real-time insight into resource utilization and detailed, customizable reports. PUT can be integrated into any suite of management tools and can manage resources and tasks at facility, department or individual level, identifying opportunities for process improvement, cost management and improving patient satisfaction through reduced wait times and improved quality of care.


ADEC Healthcare’s DataAssured: Medical Records Conversion Software (MRCS)

The patient intake process for skilled nursing facilities and long-term care providers can be time-consuming due to the complexity of their patient populations.

MRCS significantly reduces the burden of the patient intake process. An advanced technology solution, MRCS automates the process of converting hard copy medical records into a digital format, integrating them with resident Electronic Medical Records systems. MRCS can easily be installed on desktop computers with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.


ADEC Healthcare and DataAssured: Simplifying Resource-Intensive Tasks

DataAssured is a family of technology solutions designed by ADEC Innovations to manage large quantities of data to automate and improve business processes.

ADEC Healthcare is a global provider of outsourcing and technology solutions. We partner with healthcare providers in support of their mission to improve patient care, maximize revenue and lower costs.

To find out more about PUT, MRCS and our other solutions, find as at HIMSS24.

  • Venue: Orange County Convention Center
  • Dates: 11-15 March 2024
  • Booth: #961, Hall A South Building

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